Industrial Pizza Topping Equipment Operators & Line Workers

  • Job Reference: 00002615-1
  • Date Posted: 22 June 2022
  • Company: Olympia Food Industries, Inc.
  • Location: Franklin Park, Illinois
  • Salary: On Application
  • Sector: Manufacturing Operations
  • Job Type: Permanent

Job Description

Olympia Food Industries is looking to hire Equipment Operators & Line Workers for the Frozen Pizza Topping Line department. This is a 10-hour shift running from 6:00am to 5:00pm, regularly from Monday to Friday, with an hour break. This position's starting pay is $15 .00 an hour. Raises may be given annually after a positive performance review. Bilingual comprehension between English & Spanish is desired, though not required.


For the most part, every crew member will eventually be trained in every position except for those that require more physical demand. The positions are Ingredient & Material Runners, Pizza Crust Operator, Sauce Operator, Cheese Shredder Operator, Topping Operator, Ingredient Wheel Operator, Melter Position, Diverter Operator, Freezer Operator, Wrapper Operator, Metal Detector Operator, Carton Operator, Weight-Checker Operator, & Packer Position. The primary focus is to operate the equipment or execute the position's tasks effectively & efficiently as laid out by Olympia operations procedures. The secondary focus is to eventually cross train & master the all operations & tasks of the pizza topping line. Crew members are expected to work together with others to maintain a clean, safe, & productive working environment throughout the facility. These crew members report to & are supported by the department manager, supervisor, & quality assurance lead. The processing room operates at 40°F. Please be mindful of this & dress appropriately.

Skills & Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
  • Required to be able to work overtime and irregular hours when necessary.
  • Able to work in a cold environment the whole duration of a shift.
  • Able to stand for long periods of time.
  • Required to follow directions.
  • Able to see clearly with adequate depth perception, both near & far, with or without the assistance of glasses.
  • Able to read, understand, and follow detailed instructions & SOPs
  • Able to reach with hands and arms.
  • Able to use hands and fingers to use and feel objects, tools, controls, and product.
  • Able to climb 10ft to 14ft ladders & work on top of platforms
  • Able to lift 40 pounds unassisted.
  • Heavy Lifters must be able to lift 60 pounds. These include the ingredient/material runners, the wrapper operators, the the pallet stacker.
  • Able to comfortably balance, bend, carry, crawl, crouch, kneel, pull, push, stoop, stretch, turn, twist during the entirety of an 8-to-10-hour shift.
  • Strongly Requires appropriate interpersonal interactions to work effectively & efficiently with co-workers to meet mutual goals.
  • Strongly required to be able to maintain a positive work environment.
  • Adaptive to disruptive circumstances related to either production or personnel.

Tasks & Duties

  • Responsible for operating all the equipment.
  • Understand & scrutinize product quality.
  • Report any unsafe or malicious behavior.
  • Report any unsafe or hazardous work conditions.
  • Raw material handling
  • Raw ingredient handling
  • Preform Lockout & Tagout as required.
  • Preform any changeover checks of production room, equipment, tools, utensils, & packaging area & any follow up cleaning.
  • Organize all ingredients daily.
  • Maintain weight controls for ingredients & finished products. Provide feedback for adjustments to maintain appropriate targets.
  • Monitor packaging to ensure that required specifications are followed & record the results on approved forms.
  • Maintain a high level of awareness regarding product & personnel safety & satiation.
  • Inform QA Technicians, Supervisors, or Managers of any damage of components, connections, equipment, & tools. This is strongly encouraged & greatly appreciated.
  • Follow food formulas step by step.
  • Ensure that product is being processed at the correct temperature.
  • Ensure reliable record keeping regarding ingredients, materials, use, and temperatures.
  • Ensure plant Quality Control Procedures are being followed to prevent the production of unacceptable product.
  • Ensure food safety & sanitation conditions, guidelines & practices are always being met.
  • Document all metal detector activity.
  • Complete and submit all proper paperwork punctually & timely by the end of the shift.
  • Clean & sanitize any item, tool, or utensil used in the production room that is found unsanitary.
  • Achieve production quality and quantity goals
  • Abide by Quality Assurance's Color Code System.
  • Abide by Olympia Food's GMPs, rules, & regulations.
  • Abide by HACCP & SQF guidelines.
  • Support crew & operations of other departments if & when possible.
  • Preform other duties as assigned.
  • Post-Op Cleaning

Work Environment

  • Temperature of the production room is 40°. Dress appropriately.
  • There are variable temperatures throughout the facility ranging from -10°F to 40°F.
  • This job is physical. Crew members need to frequently bend, lift, push, pull, walk, grasp, & reach for items.
  • Rolls involve extensive standing and stationary work, climbing stairs & ladders, lifting, & squatting.
  • Crew members work near moving mechanical parts.
  • This job is performed in a generally clean environment.
  • Maintenance & Quality Assurance departments rank above Production, Sanitation, & Warehousing departments. It is mandatory to follow the directions of their managers & supervisors.
  • Because we are a food processing facility, with the exceptions of glasses, firmly secure wedding bands, & double clasp medical bracelets, all jewelry and mobile phones are strictly prohibited in every work area. Per industry regulations, Olympia Foods cannot hire anyone with exposed graphed jewelry or exposed permanent piercings.
  • This position requires safety awareness of manufacturing & industrial sites. Protective gear will be required where appropriate.